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  • Posted: February 2018 back

What is a Scented Sachet?

Top tips for a Scented Sachet


What is a Scented Sachet?

Scented Sachets are the simplest home fragrance product there is! The envelope sachet contains specially blended oils with a mineral base for maximum strength and product life. You do not need to open the sachet itself, simply take out of the plastic wrapper and place it on a surface and let the fragrance fill the designated space for up to 4 months.


My personal favourite Scented Sachet is Bridgewater Candle Scented Sachet in the scent “Sweet Grace.”  Described as “Passionate fruits with sparkling tea and classic patchouli” it is the most beautiful fragrance and once you try Sweet Grace I guarantee you will be hooked just like me.


How and where to use a Scented Sachet


At Home - Simply place a scented sachet on your radiator and whenever your home heating switches on you’ll find the scent will drifting around your home! It’s as easy as that and is the perfect way to scent your home before you walk through the door from work or have guests coming round!  These sachets will last up to 12 weeks, depending on how much your heating is turned on, after which time you can simply pop the paper sachet in your recycling bin (minus the beads) and replace with a new scent. They’re also fantastic in wardrobes to give a beautiful scent in the mornings.


In the Bin -  pop a scented sachet at the bottom of your bin to mask any unwanted smells.


In Your Hoover - Simply add a scented sachet to your hoover bag and you’ll get a beautiful fragrance wafting around your home whilst you clean.


In Your Car - scented sachets are a fantastic car freshener alternative, just pop them in the net in your boot and enjoy.