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  • Posted: April 2018 back

Choosing the best Wax Melt Warmer

Choosing the best Wax Melt Warmer


From my experience there are a 3 things you have to watch out for when picking a new melt warmer:


  1. Does it have a deep dish? if you want to try your hand at a bit of ‘Scent Mixology’ (the name given to melting two or more fragrance melts together) you need to make sure your Wax Melt Warmer has a deep dish for the wax.


  1. Is the top dish of the burner removable? This has both positives and negatives. With a removable top dish you can easily discard used wax quickly - just remove the dish and pop it in the freezer for 10 minutes and your old wax will pop out cleanly! The downside of a removable dish is they do often end up broken on the floor!


  1. Go for a plain colour! While you will find wax melt warmers in all shapes, sizes and colours, I would always recommend investing in a plain colour. They’re easily interchangeable in every room in the house!